Crafters Christmas sale

I have a few pictures from this weekends Crafters Christmas Collection and sale, and I’d thought I’d share:


It was hosted at a friends House. Ann, as I have blogged about before here:        recycles glass bottles and everything else made of glass to make these fabulous piece. She opened her home to friends for a Holiday gift  sale. It was a total success and plans are to make it an annual event.

I am amazed at the talented community I live in, with all the different mediums to express ourselves… It’s just cool to see what someone comes up with from leftovers and cast offs.

Tabitha’s crocheted hats are adorable, but the way she had everything displayed is terrific. She used two large hinged frames with a large gauge Chicken wire inside to clothes pin her hats and scarves to for display. Those Owl hats are so cute!

The wreaths had tea lights and battery operated Christmas lights and they were so pretty!

Did you ever make these before? I saw these tress and it took me down a memory lane trip! My Nana would fold down the pages of a readers digest magazine then spray paint and add glitter to decorate for the holidays.

I took some pillows and vintage-y dishtowels and hand towels.


The rest of my photos are duds… There was much more to show of  the talent and craft  and I’m so bummed these are the only clean photos I got. I had a good time and it’s so nice that people are thinking about community and supporting each other.  The conversations are on the less is more theme and making the Holidays more a home/community focus.

It just was very special to share space with such talented gifted women and to have our work appreciated by equally wonderful people. It will be a wonderful Thanksgiving this year as we have many things to focus on to be thankful for!




2 responses

  1. Wish I had been there to do some holiday shopping!!! Loved everything I saw in the pics…so many talented ladies. I’m seeing owls, papercrafts using old books etc, ruffles everywhere!!!

  2. Love, love, love. Such inspiration!!

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