Key Limes

These are Key Limes. I have a key lime tree growing in a large pot on my deck. I’ve had it so long it’s part of the family. They are yellow when ripe and this year I’ve had a bumper crop!

I have harvested two large batches and the best way to keep Key lime juice is to squeeze it when it’s ripe.

My youngest son gave me this fabulous key lime juicer several years ago and it is so fast and easy to use! Just cut the key lime in half and squeeze. Now key limes are small, and it takes a lot to make a pie, but look at this full jar from what I have harvested already for this year!!

Now don’t throw away the ends yet… Boil them down in a pot.I cook them down until smuchie and then let the mix cool. Use an old rag and wipe the mix on your copper pots for a quick and easy way to clean them up.


The favorite thing to make with key limes:

Homemade key lime pie!

Here is my recipe, and just so I don’t lose it I made dishtowels several years ago with the recipe on it, so I could always find it!!

My Son and I made this pie this weekend in celebration of the Marine Corps birthday and Veterans Day. Thank you to all who serve and protect us. Semper Fi


5 responses

  1. Oh my gosh! That pie looks amazing! i wish I could eat a piece right now!!!

  2. That pie is a beauty…love the photo of the bowlful of limes too!!! Meyer lemons are starting to ripen. Will have to try your recipe with some!!!

  3. The pie looks delicious! I love your recipe dishtowel.

  4. I have never had a key lime pie, but I love Lemon meringue pie. I’ll bet that I have come across a key lime thinking it was a small lemon, I didn’t know they turn yellow 😉 There are lots of citrus trees around Phoenix. Thanks for linking with me.

  5. This makes me miss my Meyer Lemon tree. I might just have to invest in lighting and grow one in the great room, along with a key lime and an avocado.

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