Occitan Shawl

This is my favorite shawl yet! I was actually a bit afraid of this one as it uses a chart for the pattern…. That’s not my usual favorite, but the way Beth designs and writes her knitting patterns makes for successful, enjoyable knitting!

All I need to do it finish letting it dry… I am a terrible blocker and I usually just skip that part (along with swatching……) but with lace it is important to the final product for look and drape to be blocked. Then I have the ends to sew in and clean up.

Here is the pattern on Ravelry:


I’m just so happy with the way this turned out. There are a lot of thoughts and prayer knit into this one, the recipient needs to be wrapped in some love….

I started another Henslowe and am to the ‘good’ part now of the lace pattern, but if I wasn’t I would un-knit it and knit this shawl pattern again.  I actually need two more made before… well… a certain gift giving time of the year…. SO you may see another in teh future.

I highly recommend this pattern and any that Beth Kling has written. She just  has a way of making the whole process enjoyable. The steps a broken down in a clear manner , truly knitting at it’s best!

One last note…. My Good Friend Janice at: http://www.janicefergusonsews.com/blog/ has had a heart attack and is recovering at home. Stop by her blog and wish we well. Keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery too!! It wasn’t a heart attack it was… well. I don’t know exactly……read the comment below from Janice herself! PHEW!


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  1. Oh, Terri, I did not have a heart attack–just minor chest discomfort which turned out to be a hiatal hernia of no consequence. Thanks so much for your concern and prayers, but as the cardiologist and my husband both declare, I have a good heart! I’ve resumed alllll normal activities and have no restrictions. It was a boondoggle! Some people will do anything to get a little attention!

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