Sizzix and Machine embroidery

I’ve been tinkering today with a thought I’ve had rolling around in my brain for awhile. I use my sizzix die cutting machine for all sorts of things. Paper to fabric to card board, whatever will go through the machine I put it to use.

I also Monogram with my embroidery machine everyday…

I had a huge large embroidery project for a client and while I was watching and waiting for the next steps I finally had some time to work on putting the two machines together.

I first cut out the shapes out of dark colored card stock from the die I picked to try this technique. I used #656734 Flourish, Holly and Mistletoe die.  I then used those shapes to digitize an outline placement line, then a blanket stitch to tack out the shape and last a quilting line to give some definition.

I was just using some scraps I had on hand and I had to piece the background fabric in odd places to make it large enough… but this is a trial so over look the extra seam lines.

Once I got all the prep work and details worked out the actual sewing time was fast and easy. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was making, but… I just kept going….

It grew quite quickly too!

I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with this,  it’ll have to be a pillow as I used a weird, sort of ugly fabric for the backing. I like the perfect stitching… but… it seems to be too perfect and flat….

I need a punch….

back to the computer, I think I need to play more with the fancy stitches options…

I changed the blanket stitch to a small candlewicking for the little dots outlining the flourish shape. Then I added an outline of stem-stitching. I didn’t add the quilting lines, but I like this better.

Do you have any suggestions?


2 responses

  1. Hi Terri:
    What kind of embroidery machine is that?? Your work is amazing, so inspiring! Will you be at SAGA convention? I hope so! Michele in Durham, NC

  2. The stitching on this project is unbelievably perfect!

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