Geometric Smocked Dress

I smocked tons of dresses for my girls, geometric, picture, bishops and insert styles like this dress. SO many that my daughters nightmare is to be walking down the aisle in a smocked dress with puffed sleeves! However, I didn’t save any except this dress. This was the only one in the cedar chest….. I gave them all away. ?

I’m glad I saved this one. I love this pattern style for smocking best and used it over and over again. It just fit my girls the best. This dress was also worn by both my girls for a school picture and since they were so far apart in age but looked so much alike it was a fun comparison. I love the light weight cotton plaid too since we have such warm/hot  autumns.


2 responses

  1. I love the dress and I love plaids. This is such a classic school girl dress. I’m glad you kept it, but where are the others?????

  2. This is beautiful. I love smocked dresses but I have to shop at Strausburg or Anavini Velani to find them for my Edyn, which doesn’t happen often because of the price. I limit it to Christmas and Easter. I really should try my hand a smocking. I’m happy you at least saved one dress! xo Jami

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