Prom dress

In 2004 oldest daughter went to the prom and allowed me to make the dress she designed.


It’s made of the most dreamy podeswa silk.  Cut on the bias to fit her beautiful figure, it has the most fabulous drape. She was simple elegance. She sort of reminded me of a modern Cinderella in her blue gown going to the ball, sans the whole wicked step mother part. I was however, the  bibity bobbity boo dress maker, no mice helped at all with the sewing!

I’m going through my cedar chest and washing the special dresses. This beauty went in the washer on a hand wash cycle and then was air dried on a hanger. I simply put it on the mannequin to snap a shot, very few wrinkle and only from the way it was caught up on the bottom rack to dry. Now back to storage in a linen dress bag, which was washed as well. 

This dress bag goes over the whole dress to cover it and at the bottom has a cinch opening and closing. This dress had to travel to her school and then be stored so I made this bag and now it protects the dress in storage.

It’s funny how we stay true to our likes and this dress is exactly her style. When she was very little she gave this as a gift to me…


This music box snow glob sits in my sewing room and if I wind it up will play “a Dream is a wish your heart makes…” That’s my daughter!



4 responses

  1. Such gorgeous simplicity! Is there a picture with your daughter in it? We would love to see it!

  2. This is such a sweet post! The dress is pure elegance–I would love you to post a picture of her wearing it. The music box makes this post even sweeter.

  3. This dress is gorgeous! your daughter is lucky to have such a talented mom. And made of silk to boot.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I loved making these dresses and I saved them for that reason.It’s fun to get them out clean them and enjoy them for a bit then put them away for her someday else.

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