New teenage purse

When my Teenager asks me to make her something… I want to really try and make it for her. She isn’t really into anything I knit or sew for the most part, so when her favorite Vera Bradley bag is about past it’s prime I want to step up to the plate and hit a home-run. I want to be the cool Mom~~~

I know she likes this purse and carries it, so I that’s what I wanted to make for her…(something she will like and that is like everyone else in school.) I found in my stash this beautiful fabric. I had 3 rectangular pieces about 12″x17″… that was it! I also used scrap pieces of batting that I zig-zagged together to make large enough pieces for this bag. And I had left over cream pieces of fabric to make the lining.

One other important item. I like to interface the main fabric before making the quilt sandwich of backing and batting. That little extra interfacing gives the bag more stability and body for a more professional look…. and I can not have this bag looking like a homemade bag….eeee gads!!!

I have in this shot only two pieces sandwiched and ready to quilt. I didn’t want the regular grid quilting, so I free-motion quilted following the shapes of flowers and leaves. That way I didn’t have to mark lines, and I did what I wanted in less than 15 minutes for all three pieces. I also didn’t want the quilting to stand out, just to construct the bag, fast and simple.

I cut all the pieces and if you take the time to study the bag, inside and out, along with taking measurements you can make or copy most bags. This one is a series of almost rectangles. There is the curve at the top lip…  but basically it’s made up of rectangles.

This is before the main zipper went in… but I was really skimping on fabric so in places that you can’t see… I pieced with other scraps of fabric. Like inside the front pock at the bottom.

I also didn’t have enough fabric to make binding to bind the raw edges inside the bag. I normally like to do that because it looks so nice and I think makes it stronger. This bag has serged edges inside instead.

To make a 1″ strap (which is the size of  the only hardware I had on hand ) cut a 3″ piece x 44″ strip. I had to piece my strap to make the length, but you really can’t tell. Cut a piece of  fusible stable interfacing 2″ by the same length.

Press the interfacing in the center of the strap fabric.

Press the raw edges into the center.

Then fold in half and stitch down either sides to finish off a really neat and clean fast strap.

Now with the little pieces left over I need to sew them together and make a matching key fob… more on that later.

Have a great weekend!!


*** Before I threw away the pattern pieces I took a photo on the gridded mat so you could see the pieces and sizes.


And here’s the key fob which is made exactly like the strap, except that I used 3 layers of interfacing to make it really stiff. I had one of the key fob hardware pieces to make this simple strap fob. I added her monogram just to make it special.



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  2. Thanks for your visit today. It is nice to meet you. Your teen bag turned out awesome. I used to sew but not much anymore. I am starting to make machine quilts but I am slow starting. Nice job on the handbag. I know your daughter loves the bag and the effort you put into the lovely bag.

    xo, Jeanne

  3. You are definitely the cool mom! Your daughter is lucky to have a talented and thoughtful mom like you. That would mean more to me than any Vera Bradley bag. xo Jami

  4. This bag is beautiful and I’d love to make one of my own. Do you mind sharing how you put in the top zipper? That’s the most difficult part for me to figure out. Thanks!

    1. Most of the time I put the zipper in first, when the fabric is flat and it’s easy to sew off or close up the ends. I actually forgot what order I made this, but I make it a point to install zippers first and flat. As far as basic zipper installation there are you-tube videos that are easy to follow. The best tip I can give is try… and always work flat for as long as you can to make it easier. Hope that helps Good Luck!!

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