Pillow update…

I had a comment to show you how I made my garden pillow… well I didn’t take many photos while I was creating that pillow so…. I made a different pillow cover today very similar to the garden pillow process.

I never really have a set pattern in mind, I just wing it see what happens:

I had my flag pillow sitting on my front bench, and even though Veterans day and the election are coming up, I’ve had that out for too long and needed to update. So I made this pillow cover today to slip over the flag pillow.  I still have to have my flag decorations for November!

I started with wanting a nice welcome, so I embroidered “Welcome” and I needed a bit of an accent so I embroidered the scrolls. I created the welcome and scrolls with Monogram wizard and embroidered them with my EMP6.

The font is Diary and the scroll came from the ornaments motifs. My hoop size is about 12X8 so  I made the design about that large and only one hooping. I didn’t care to make it any larger and to have multiple hoopings.

The base fabric is burlap and I wanted the fringe factor of the burlap to be an accent so I left all the raw edges. I made the back have a velcro opening across the back and that was the only finishing I did. I want the edges to fringe, but first I have to stitch around the pillow shape with the wrong sides (back and front) together.

I stitched two rows  all the way around to make sure it holds. Now…. hum, that looked a bit boring so I dug around in my ribbon bucket and found a piece of black gimp ( actually two pieces that just fit around,) and I found four roughed up black tassels.

I sewed the gimp and tassels right over the other stitching… this pillow won’t fall apart for sure now!

I then trimmed the raw edged to 2″ past the gimp and the messy part begins… fringe the burlap to finish.

Rub the fringe to rough it up which makes it look a bit fuller too.


** If you have an embroidery machine and would like to try this embroidery, send me a comment with your email address and I’ll send you a dst file ***


2 responses

  1. Sandy from Maryland | Reply

    Thanks so much, great instructions and easy! I couldn’t tell if it was embroidery or printed fabric.

  2. Now this looks like a project I could do. Super cute. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our What’s it Wednesday linky party. I hope you can join us.


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