Scrap Fabric Pillows

I’ve been working on pillows and I have to come up with a new class for the Saturday SATB Day class.

This is a simple design and possibly a good idea for the Saturday class…. See, I was asked to teach the Saturday class which is opened for younger sewers  and I am sooo excited! The original class I submitted was based on sewing machines that could all embroider, and that’s not going to be the case for Kids! Yeah… I also think kids need to be ‘doing’ and not watching their machines embroider. I get to teach and show and hopefully inspire a future designer, teacher, author…creator.


This pillow has a lot to teach and I think probably the better choice. I used my sizzix and cut shapes and… I have lots of dies so they can choose their own ‘design.’ Then I  free-motion quilted the design, and that is so much fun with kids, because they aren’t as afraid to “mess-up” like adults… they try anything… and freemotion is fast and fun.  There’s the ruffle and all the elements that it teaches, which goes way beyond this project and into other sewing projects.

I added word art to both the above pillows since that seems to be ‘in’ and… I’ll have cool words and styles for them to choose and just explain how I did it for future reference.

Here’s another I made just for me… well, one for my Mom too… but I forgot to take a picture before I mailed it to her. I found 1 yard of the black fringe and less than 1 yard of  beige fringe and married them together. I only had enough to add to the ends, but it turned out nice. Mom’s pillow is a square with a nice flange and an opening in the back to insert a pillow form. Mine is a rectangle as I was running out of fabric and trim, but it’s perfect for my chair.



2 responses

  1. Sandy from Maryland | Reply

    I love the garden pillow. Can you tell us where you found the letters and how you did it?

  2. Lucky Mom! Love how you “married” the fringe…great way to use grab bag treasures!

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