Patchwork Sample rug


We have 9 entrances around our house, off decks and around front… all of them need some sort of rug or mat to wipe feet on an to  help curb the sand/dirt throughout the rest of the house. I make everyone take off their shoes, but that doesn’t always happen.

I am in need of entry rugs…FAST…. This one was made from braided rug samples. A friend was cleaning out her shop and gave me these rug color samples…I have used them as coasters, but you really don’t need 100 coasters, so I came up with this idea this morning.


Here is a stack of a few before I zig-zagged them together.


Nothing too pretty or fancy, just back and forth zig-zagging… and man, that rug got heavy fast! They are wool samples, so they should be pretty good for catching the dirt and holding up to a bit a wear and tear….. until I can replace them.

Use it up make it do or do with out….

Now this next rug will go next to the bed…


I found 10 skeins of off white acrylic yarn. I am knitting with five strands to give it bulk . I cast on 80 stitches and am going to knit until all 10 are used up.  This will make a nice rug to step out of bed onto. In the house we have only hard wood floors or the new planking. No carpet. The only room not to get stripped of the flooring (rats!) is the studio and it’s a green cheap carpet so….. it’ll do.

Do you think I need to add fring to the rug. I need to decide so I save enough yarn out???? Hummm



2 responses

  1. Oh my gosh!!! I want one for Christmas!! I think i am coming out in late october~that ok? Your new place is awesome! Have you gotten your first HGTV magazine yet?

  2. That is a very cool rug! I haven’t seen those little rug samps in a while but I’ll certainly keep a look out for them now. (My aunt used to use them as coasters too.) Thanks for sharing with air your laundry friday! xo Jami

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