Ready for a boat ride?

Lilly is ready and waiting! This was our treat for the endless hours of hand brush painting the house… UGH  we’ll still be painting next yearl as we only have the first coat on the exterior. LOL

Here’s a sneek peak:

yes… I wear gloves… I am the messiest painter in the world and I am sure my clients do not want paint splots on their monogramming!


I started the trim work before the rains bans came in from the storm. and then I moved indoors to the porch. Since the porch  had one wall the same as the exterior walsl, I painted it the same sagebrush green and then the other walls and windows will be painted the trim color, Cottage white.


I want so badly to paint the stupid beams… but for some reason DH thinks that you have to leave the beams brown….ugh… we have Huge beams in the main part of the house also, and same thing everything is  all light and bright now except those ugly beams.


I have to paint all the windows and doors still but I have to wait until the rain stops… phew, I can take a break! I’m thinking about this floor, it’s a poured fiberglass…????…. so I think I want to paint it.  Tiling it or anything else is out of the question right now, unless I sell a kidney or something… so a floor paint… Anyone try this? Suggestions??

This picture shows my interior work in progress…. I had to keep that fake wall from the 60’s, but I got to paint the wood paneling and that wall a cottage white. The ceiling beams I wasn’t allowed to paint or the horrible dark wall planks near the top of the ceiling. It’s pretty high so, I’m thinking no one will notice????  My goal is to do something to the shelves around the TV but, until I can paint the planks to match the rest of the walls it may be too much. I figure I’ll just give it some time then the paint will come back out!!  Oh please look at the light fixture…. I’m donating it to the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie for the Black pearl… seriously it is black metal with fake candle drippings.. and can you see… chains… yes chains…

Here’s a close up of the beams and another lovely light fixture… …. Yep….  This is what we’ll be changing it with, just waiting to have an electrician to check wiring in this room.

OH!! check out these lights… Go ahead laugh… I do …They have to go… but I have to wait and figure out what I can put there… Unfortunately DH likes those too….ugh!

What’s a girl to do???

Here’s a couple quick picks of the rooms Im loving the progress-to-date on… 

Love this color, it makes me so happy…. thank you all for suggesting I paint the cabinets the vintage white glazing and the walls the blue!!! I Love it!






6 responses

  1. I LOVE watching your progress!! I’m addicted to house renovating so wathcing yours has been fun! I LOVE the pirate chandelier! I think you should keep it – it’s hysterical. O – and the brass 60s accent ceiling bullet lights – have your electrician replace them with some nice recessed cans – you can even do a couple eyeballs that will wash the fireplace wall just like the bullet lights!

  2. Trying again. First comment wouldn’t go through. Enjoying your blog. I specialize in the restoration of historic buildings. I can’t be sure from your photo, but your iron lamp could be worth much more than you expect. I have a very similar one from the 1920’s that is appraised at $3000. A slightly fancier one I have is appraised at almost $5000. Are your fake candles paper/cardboard or wax? If so, it could be older than you think. Possibly rewired in the past? This style is quite popular and I have seen them sell for up to $7500 (for really fancy ones) in Seattle WA and Portland OR speciality lighting and antique stores.

    1. Kathy
      I am so glad you did comment on those lights! The whole house was full of antiques…. old… valuable… what we thought we could sell off to do the repair and restoring work. We took two huge truck loads off to an estate auction house. We did our research on the place…. made absolutely nothing. A Duncan pife (spelling) mahagany dining table and 6 or 8 matching chairs sold for….. get this…. $10.00. This is the south and the recession… took longer to really hit here, but is lasting way longer. No one can buy, it’s almost easier to donate or give away and take the write off. I so wish I could sell those to help pay for the flooring…. but…. chances of that happening to us are slim to none! So I pretend they are crystal chandeliers and lovely….LOL Thanks for visiting and sharing!!

  3. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Nothing like a boatride to recharge! Amazing what y’all have done to the riverhouse in such a short time. Love the sage green paint color…

  4. wow, your home is coming out really well. Love the color. I am laughing about the dark beams, cause that would be my hubbies thoughts too probably, and my brothers,
    what is it with guys and wood anyway?? lol
    and hope Lilly got that boatride she is waiting for……….she is a beautiful dog!
    Well, enjoy you lovely new surroundings and who knows you might be able to talk
    him into some green beams what of these days! or is it more likely green beans?? lol
    Have a great day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Hi, It’s me again, Just wanted to run by and say thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments, they were appreciated.
    While I was hear I happened to see your fireplace again, and noticed it was white brick and was wondering is that the original color of the brick or did you paint it?? and if
    it is painted, did you do it yourself??? I am toying with the idea of painting ours white,
    and we have dark slotted pine on either side of it. and I thought the white looked
    great with your dark wood, so……………….just wondering!
    Blessings, Nellie

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