Yo Yo Purse


I Love this little Yo-Yo purse! Every time I carry it I get comments and people always ask about it.  However, my new larger key fob and cell phone get kind of stuffed into it so I am making a little bit larger one.


Here’s the Yo-Yo how to:


I got out my Sizzix along with Circle #2 die and fabric scraps. You can just cut circles in any method you choose, but this is fast and perfect every time.


Stack several layers of fabric and roll through the die to cut your circles.



It’s hard to take a clear photo doing this…. but thread a needle and knot the end. Turn the raw edge under about a 1/8 th of an inch and using a long running stitch sew around the edges. I stack a lot of stitches on the needle…


Cinch the top closed knot the thread tight to close and then flatten smooth.


This is fast, fun and a terrific little carry along project.


Sew the yo-yos together by hand with a whip stitch at the sides and from the back to hide the stitches.

Use  matching thread…. I used the green for show.

Keep sewing yo-yos in one large rectangle (mine measure 8 yo-yo’s across by 14 down) Fold in half and sew the side seams.


Make a lining to fit and hand sew and tack into place.

For the straps and closure I crocheted two long lengths and added a yo-yo for decoration





2 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Terri, great idea to use up 800+ yo-yo’s I stitched for a twinbed throw. Pitched the mattress before finishing!!! Saw really cute trivets at a local shop. Plan to make some to sell at winter flea markets. Any ideas appreciated…

  2. That is really cute! I’ve been wanting to make myself a new purse for a while now AND have been wanting to use yoyos in a project. Just hadn’t figured out what for either and now I know! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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