Apron from a dish cloth


I purchased a lovely colorful dish towel.  and turned it in to this pretty apron for a girlfriends birthday gift. It so happens her husband and family were taking her to a specialty cooking shop for a gourmet cooking lesson. Yes, she wanted that! So the apron is perfect complement!!

The hem is my favorite part… I  found two fabric strips that I liked with the dish towel and ruffled them together. The longer layer was a 5″ strip and the short was 3.5″ by 45″ long.

I cut two small half moon shapes to create the ‘Apron shape” .  The picture isn’t of the same dishtowel, but I folded it half the long way, and the piece of paper represents the part I cut out.

Now, make sure to save those two pieces of fabric. I Sewed them together to make a front pocket to add a Monogram  before I stitched the pocket to the Apron.


To finish off the project I simply added one package of bias (3 yards) up and around the neck and back down with enough at the ends to make the straps.

This makes great presents… start looking for a fun dish towels on sale and stock up!




5 responses

  1. I love the print of the apron! What a great gift idea!!! How is the move going?
    DId you hear I got a job? I am teaching a nursing class at our community college. (just 12 minutes away!) I teach lecture on Tuesday evenings from 4-8 and teach lab on Thursday evenings from 4-8. The semesters are 15 weeks, but I only teach for 9wks, because the 9th week, they start their clinical rotations at the hospitals.
    I am super excited!! Now I’ll have $$$ to come see you!!!!! Imagine the FUN!!!! : )

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Terri love this!!! Wondering how big the towel is…looks larger than what I find on sale!

  3. jenny Bielefeld | Reply

    Aunt Teresa- I love your sewing skills! You make the most beautiful stuff! I was wondering if you would be able to make a fly sheet or saddle pad for a horse? You could search those up on google to see what they are. Thanks for patching up my blankie! Xoxoxox Sarah

  4. I picked out the thread. My favorite color OD green

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