French Flea Market!!

I came… I saw I went!! Woohoo!

Let me share some of my favorite shots and inspirations….

The French Flea Market Held at The Horton’s in Tipton Indiana is a Vintage,fabric, furniture themed outdoor fair. There are make&takes, demonstrations,  food and inspiration at every turn.

Two of my sisters and I took my Mom in celebration of her….. birthday. I was told not to advertise the number of years, but… she so totally rocks it doesn’t matter anyway…. 

Peggy and I headed (ran) to the first make and take….

and to stock up on all of her lovely Hand dyed ribbons for the year!

Looking at all the way items are re purposed is so inspiring and exciting to me.

I caught a couple of repeating trends….

First… burplap… is everywhere, but this hand stitched squared off edging is sort of coming on strong

I want to make the burlap foot stool. My Sister  saved coffee and rice burlap bags for me for a birthday gift and I was so happy to find an idea that I could use them! I also love the pillow as a stadium cushion for soccer season! I have to learn the stitch that is used to make  the edging, so any help would be appreciated and pasted along!

Ruffles were everywhere and on every and anything…

Ruffles on Pillows, curtains, and Skirts… I wore my skirt from here:

so I was in total style… and I wore my boots too 🙂

If you could ruffle the medium, it was ruffled.. from plastic and paper to burlap and metal!

Now the above ruffled table has on it a product that is new (to me) in the world of painting..

Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

There was a terrific demonstration for painting furniture

I have been out of town for the past two weeks with my Parents. I had a wonderful visit and had teh opportunity to learn new things, but when you come home the work just seems to hit you in the face, so I’ll blog more on all the wonderful  projects, events and inspiration in the next couple days!


2 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Terri…sounds like your visit was loads of fun! Love the photo of the “girls”…too bad the “big sis” was absent. That hand dyed ribbon is just yummy. And who wouldn’t want a stadium cushion?!? Thanks for the heads up re:burlap & ruffles…will keep that in mind as I prepare for the winter markets I hope to do in FL.

  2. Loved the pictures. Can’t wait for you to drop in at the library with a report.

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