New Studio??

We can’t decide…

but if we did move this could be my studio….

Separate from the house, right off the kitchen, laundry room end…. and completely mine……. I also envision a fenced in raised garden area right in front instead of the overgrown shrubs. The house will be painted the Sagebrush green to cool it down too.

I started loading all the “extras” from my present sewing room into this huge space… just to get the feel. So, come in and step over the boxes

just a few extras…:-)This could be the screen-printing area, for now it’s the catch all area.

Great Views!

I’ve set up my treadles already and have been using them….  Oh there’s even a full bathroom….

We still are using this as a storage area for other items… but that’s ok…. and I’m just using what I have from my stuff to decorate and design the space. Who knows…. this really could be mine???


2 responses

  1. Oh my! How cool this would be! No doubt, definitely a great studio and think how it would free up space in the main house.

  2. Oh my OH MY!!!!! This is just fabulous, Terri! I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Maybe you could have the home studio for business and this one for fun. Are you lucky or WHAT???

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