Visiting Mom and Dad

I’m going home to visit my parent with my youngest son for two weeks!  This is the only time during the year that I can usually get away and spend time with them. It’s such a treat because I have them to myself. This year there are a few surprises and July 13-14th there is the French flea market in Tipton Indiana:

and I’ll have lots and lots of photos and ideas from that event and there’s Conner Praire:

Basically there’s all sorts of fun things in Indiana the 4H Fair and lovely Downtown Noblesville…

Be patient with me blogging the next two weeks, my parents live in a great place, but they don’t have internet… Until then here is whow I am leaving the Riverhouse project ( count these as before pics, because DH tells me that when I get home everything will be finished….LOL)Building the Dock out of water…. and waiting on permit check.

Endless trimwork areas… UGH! It’s everywhere… also check out the new sliding door…. It has mini-blinds between the glass and the energy glass lets the light in but not the heat!More molding and trim work, and painting…..

We have to build or create a threshold of sort sort…. still working on that…

Chairs to re-do….

A loveseat to slipcover…. check out this fabric…??? It doesn’t look so blue in this photo, but it’s a pretty blue…. hummmm

the list continues:

Chicken coop

House painting

More molding…



3 responses

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  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    WOW…the River House is really progressing! Love that loveseat and the blue/white floral fabric. Noticed a cute rag rug in a photo.

    Have a wonderful time in Indiana with the family…hellos & hugs to all!!!

  3. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about your trip. Have a wonderful time with your parents. Treasure every moment.

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