Traveling tote

This is my traveling tote. I usually check this bag and have my rolling as the carry on. This is a large quilted bucket that can hold so much and the big bonus, I can always find my bag coming off the baggage belts!

I had about 8 fat quarter and about a yard of the green checkered fabric and just made this up without a pattern and had so much fun. The bottom is a large oval

I drew out the size bag I wanted. I made each piece, bottom, back, front and front flap and  quilted each separately. My bag measures 22″ high, 30″ across the top, and 18″ across the bottom.

This is the large front flap that I added a bit of rick rack to the top seam for decoration… 🙂

I just randomly freemotioned quilted in circles all over the entire bag.

The opening is made with a separating zipper flap so that I can really open it up and stuff everything in.

The lining was made separately and I made Velcro closed shoe pockets in the sides near the bottom. A separate small pocket is for my spare eyeglasses case… I seriously should have added four of those!?

The handles are super-duper enforced with extra fabric stitched over the first stitching. This baby can take all the airlines can throw at it… and I’m sure this gets chucked in the baggage area like all the rest of the luggage…. but I can wash my bag after every trip and fold it up until the next time.


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  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Love the color combo!

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