Happy 4th!!

I found my camera!!!! back to blogging again!!

Some people are Christmas people…. Some Easter… I am the 4th kind of girl!! I love the color combination for decorating.Come walk into the sun room/ patio or porch, what ever we’ll call it?? It’s not painted , yet…. but…. I just did a quick decorating to make it look better.

Now, don’t look at all the construction going on in the back ground….

I’ve always loves those white elephants with their tusks up….. I was given two long time ago and they are painted colorful and the tusk are down….  Oh yes… still need screens….. adding that the the list.And look at these gems… there are three large and one smaller.

Even the red door on the front looks good… well not really, but for today… Here’s a close up of the door from inside… It is NOT staying red, on plans are to strip it down to bare wood and stain it for a natural wood door.

Hey!! do you want to see the finalists for the house stain color?  The sagebrush green won…. What do you think???

We have so many other projects and I’ll be blogging more now! Phew, I thought I lost my camera for good.

Happy Fourth Everyone!


3 responses

  1. I’ve got a big white elephant too. Will have to blog about it sometime.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Your quickie 4th decorating job is great! I just don’t know how you do everything and do it all so well! You must never sleep. I’m going to bed to dream about doing wonderful things.

  3. Love the sun room!!!! Love the RW&B – love the quilt! And I LOOOOVE your coffee table!!! I’ve been looking&looking for a cool one and that is definitely cool! Craigs List and yard sales (ok – I don’t really do yard sales, NO time) and re-sale shops have all failed me! I DID find a SUPER one upstairs in a restaurant in Richmond when I was entertaining Princess Buela while we were waiting for a table but I couldn’t figure out how to get it past the hostess at the front door!!!

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