Chairs #2 and #3

 I started power washing the next two chairs before I took ‘before’ photos… but this sad wooden rocker andthis plastic lounger chair needed to be saved from the landfill…. so

my homemade version of Chalkpaint (thank you again… for the wooden rocker and Rustoleum spray paint for plastics on the lounger….Now all I need are a few outdoor pillows….. Yippee a place for new sewing projects!!! I can hardly wait to start sewing!!!

I have nothing $ in the wooden rocker as I made the paint from everything I had on hand from other projects. Just the time involved and it took 3 coats… ThePlastic lounger was fast by using spray paint, but at $4.oo a can and I used 5 cans…. Still worth the $20.00. My little table was garbage picked about 10 years ago and I love it so!!! I saved that from rust with spray paint also.


7 responses

  1. These and the previous chair are just fabulous! Now I’m looking with a new eye at some of the old chairs in our attic. You are like a magician–and one who inspires others to try magic.

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Wonderful what a lil white paint can do! Trash treasures here at the cottage could use a refurbish…might remain “chippy” one more season! I like how a blog used “crunchy” to describe a rusty faking iron chair…

    1. Yeah… my chairs were really crunchy!!!

  3. Your chairs turned out great! Even the plastic one looks fancy-ish with its new coat of paint. Can’t wait to see how they look with pillows.

  4. I have another question…flat or satin finish paint as your base to make the chalk paint?

    1. I used satin, only because that is what I had.

  5. Thanks for linking with me at Wow Us Wednesday 🙂

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