Crochet T-Shirt rug repurpose

Remember my T-Shirt ball of yarn I made here:

I found a few more T-Shirts to cut into yarn and I made this round rug with a crochet hook. I am NOT a crochet-er. I Knit and have never really got the hang of crocheting, but… this is so simple and all in the round and SOOOO forgiving that if I can do it… anyone can!

This rug measures about 5 feet across the middle, it looks small in this shot as there isn’t anything to compare it too. I had to stand and make this because it was the easiest way for me… I started with about 6 -8 slip knots and then I joined into a circle. I (think it’s called) single crocheted the entire rug in a circle by laying it on a table top and turning. Super fast as these are HUGE stitches.I used the largest crochet hook I could find in my stuff… which technically wasn’t really large enough for the ‘yarn’ so I sort of used my fingers more to hold down the stitches.

I’m finished for now, but I didn’t totally close off the last live stitch. When I finish painting at the riverhouse… see the optimistic outlook I have, we have about a half dozen paint shirts that will finish off the outer edge…. so until then…

Look at my gardenias now!


6 responses

  1. WOW! A Gardenia HEDGE!! I’ve never seen one before – the scent must be heavenly!!

    1. Yes!! It’s a hedge about as tall as me… and the smell is AWESOME! It’s pouring rain all day today which is good for the gardenias, but bad for me to take pictures of all the other ones in bloom! Start rooting girls… it can happen!!

  2. I LOVE the rug, but OMG@!!!! the gardenias!!!!!!!! I’m a fair-to-middlin’ gardner but I cannot keep gardenias alive, let alone root them! I am greeeeeeen with envy at your gardenia hedges. Great idea for the rug.

  3. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Wish those lovely gardenias would grow in WNY!!!
    OK…now I’m going to have to try a t-shirt rug! BTW: how wide did you cut the “yarn”?

    1. between 1.5″ and 2″… I didn’t measure each and every one, just eyeballed them. BTY thanks and when do you leave for WNY?

  4. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Love projects when eyeballling works!!! Arrived at The Holiday House 10 days ago…looking forward to our visitors from Massachusetts end of month.

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