Rooting Gardenias

When we first moved to this house 20 years ago, there was a gardenia bush. The first time it bloomed I was so excited and fell in love with gardenias. My two older children at the time were very young and they would pick me flowers all the time. I put the flowers in vases and over time some would root. Now in my yard I have so many gardenias, one hedge and numerous plants so that when the gardenias bloom the smell over takes you! I’m in heaven!

Over the years I have sort of perfected the rooting process and during the summer I root plants , pot them and by Christmas or any other on-the-spot gift giving opportunity I dress up the pot and give a gardenia as a gift. This year I want to root as many as I can and plant them at the river house…


On the stem look at find the join where a more woody stem turns into a more of a green stem. Break or cut at this join. Peel off the bottom layer of extra leaves.Put your bundles in vases, cuts jars all over the house…. emmmmm smells good!

The yellow vase is looking a bit shabby, so lets go clean it up…Look… a root is starting already…

Strip down all the extra leaves and dead flowers and put back in the vase with a few new flowers and give me a month and I’ll re-post and show you the hairy roots and plant them in small pots.

Not only do I have beautiful white gardenias, but look at my orchids!! Look out that picture window and see there’s another gardenia bush by the shed…. that was a flower picked by my son when he was 5… now he’s grown and married , I’m so glad I have that to remind me of my little 5 year old boy!!



4 responses

  1. Do the rootings need to be in direct sun or does it matter? Perfect timing of this post as I was wanting to “move” some of these. Have you tried it with Hydrangeas?

    1. It doesn’t matter about the light for the rooting as I do this indoors and it’s not very sunny inside. As for Hydrangeas I just dig a clump up by “splitting the plant and replanting. I have tons of those too and need to split them too. I have heard that you can root them the same way, I jut never have before.

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Terri…please come to The Holiday House for a month to get the gardens in shape!!!

  3. Terri ~ One of my earliest memories is the fragrance of gardenias wafting up from the garden below my grandmother’s bedroom in Conway. Heavenly! I still think of her whenever I catch a whiff of gardenia wonderfulness.

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