Bodice update

It’s a rainy windy day due to “Beryl”, so I was working on my linen dress. I really enjoy making tucks and wanted to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

I created the tucks very quickly this morning using the same techniques as posted here:

 If you can’t see my settings for these tucks  they are: Front (distance between tucks) 4  and the Back (how deep the tucks are) is a 3.

I wanted to work more on drafting pockets into the skirt in a cleaver way, but this happened: apparently one of the bans of beryl at the end of this storm gave us a punch and we lost this huge maple tree in the front side yard. We also lost power a couple of times, so I turned off all machines… Ugh… now I have a mess in the yard to clean up, and I’m sad about my tree.

OH … are you into Vintage Linens!!!! go check out my friends page:

She is pre-selling some estate items and they are to die for!!!


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  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    I’ve been thinking about you as another storm headed your direction. Sorry about the tree…glad you’re OK.
    Thanks for the link to Janice’s blog… an amazing collection of beautiful vintage quilts and linens!

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