Sleeveless dresses and facings

I Live on the coast of South Carolina and summer is here! There is a reason why southern girls have big hair...Humidity… is part of life. To combat, my wardrobe consists mainly now of sleeveless dresses. The jeans and boots are put away until November, and out come little sleeveless dress.

The part I don’t like are facings… you know the separate pieces around the necklines and armseye. They wrinkle and never lay flat, then the slide out and hang out front… SO heres a little Facing fix:

This is a shift dress front piece. I cut the facing to fit the neckline and front arms eye. I construct the  front first, sewing darts and then the entire facing. I sew only the arms eye, and neckline. I don’t finish the edge of the facing until later….This is a bodice of a linen dress. I have contructed the front lining and fashion fabric fronts by sewing the princess seams. Then I sew the lining and the Fashion fabric at the armseye and neckline like in the shift facings, only with this dress I am lining the entire top section of the bodice.

With the top section turned inside out….(pressed )I sandwich the front between the right sides of the back lining and Fashion fabric.  In this dress I am making I have the lining and the fashion fabric the same because I have enough of this beautiful soft linen. Linen is breathable and That is important to keeping me cooler and more comfortable. I do not line my dresses with synthetics in my climate, only natural breathable fabrics.

I sew this sandwiched section at the back neckline across the shoulders then around the armseye.  Not the side seams.Pull the front while turning the back inside out….Now you have the front and backs neckline and armseye all finished and pretty.

Open up the side seams, with the full bodice the seams will be the same length and on the dress the facings won’t. Match the front sides seams to the back side seams with right sides facing and seam.

Open up the front and close the lining in back… With this fitted bodice the back is open and waiting for the bottom section and zipper to be finished. For the shift dress… the back was closed and was made to pull over my head so when I sewed the back section arms eye, neckline, arms eye the back was finished. I seamed the side seams,  clean finished the facing edged back and front together by serging the edge .All that’s left to do is hem and wear. This dress is so easy to make and even easier to wear in the hotter weather! All I need to add to this is are a pair of sandals, and a little sweater to have when i go into air-conditioning!


3 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Cute dress…great tip!!!

  2. OMG!!! You are a GENIUS!!!

  3. […] I made a full lining out of a yard of a worsted wool black. I created a 2 piece bodice lining out of a cotton sateen. I’m not a fan of separate neck and arms-eye facings. Check this out here from an earlier post I did on facings: […]

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