Tiling a backsplash

Here’s a sneak preview and a product review!I needed to finish off the back splash area in the kitchen and my Husband wanted tiles! Yeah! I picked out a beautiful mosaic mix of green blue glass and ceramic, which in these photos don’t do it justice. DH and I watch about a thousand you-tubes and This Old House so we could do it our selves…

DO NOT use this product… Simplemat from Home Depot

naturally, this was the first product we used and it was a failure and a huge mess…. these simple instructions…. look easy, but… in reality this is what happens..

Yes… you are seeing right, the tile just falls off. The idea was to put this sticky paper up, and then remove the plastic to have another sticky side to put the tile up, then grout and go… It was almost comical trying to catch the falling tiles and sticking them back up… which really just ended with me in tears!

I couldn’t even get one side up and move on to the next with out everything falling down. Then I tried two sheets of this product… Nope… This wasn’t cheap either. we used 3 boxes at $20.00 a box for it to fail.

Lowes has a product called BONDERA. Awesome stuff, very similar to the Simplemat product, but it works due to a much stronger adhesive.  It was almost twice as nuch at $38.00 a box, but well worth it!! After two days of clean up and re-prep work, we tiled the back-splash today… Fingers-crossed

See, a work-in-progress… These photos make the cabinets yellow… They are a cream. I think the sun at that time a day makes them look yellow.

Look at my stools I’m re-covering…

and then there’s the floor molding that has to be bought cut and painted…

BUT… look at the floor…ohhhh …..I’m loving this product by Home Depot called Allure! We chose Vintage Oak Natural. It is a floating floor consisting of snap-in-place planks. One box weighs about 50 pounds and has 8 planks in it, so it’s pretty heavy duty stuff and it is a quiet floor.

We installed the new microwave/hood combination over the counter- cook top. To do that we had to cut the cabinet about in half… new doors and inside shelves.

This could go on…. but more picture when we finish more….


5 responses

  1. Your kitchen looks beautiful! You and your husband have done a great job!

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Fantastic!!! Love the tile & flooring. Its all coming together beautifully! Thanks for the pics & product info. Better post this one on a linky party…
    BTW: doesn’t it make you wonder how HGTV episodes will do a similar remodel in no time at all for such little money?!?

    1. Seriously!! I don’t know how extreme home makeover does it…. even with a thousand volunteers and a complete demolition…

  3. If you’re for hire, I’d like to book you to do my kitchen. I don’t even care if you are licensed or bonded. Will call for an estimate.

  4. Wow! You’ve completely changed the look and feel of the kitchen. It’s so much brighter and lighter and full of space. I love the new floors and the tile work. Congratulations ~ B

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