I saved a hummingbird!

I was painting, painting, painting away and I heard a fluttering in the sunroom. I thought a bee got into the house and I ignored it for (i hate to say this) a long, long time. I figured the windows were open and it would find it’s way out again, it was a bee and what can you do??

Well, My girlfriend Rhonda came out to the Riverhouse to visit me and brought BLT’s and cupcakes. I was so surprised and excited as this was my very first visitor and guest at the riverhouse. I was a mess because I had been painting paneling all morning, but I was so happy.

I showed Rhonda all around and told her plans and projects, but when we got to the sunroom, we realized it wasn’t a bee, but a hummingbird. We tried to help it “get out”, but we made matters worse, so we left the room. After lunch we went upstairs to the sunroom and didn’t hear anything so we thought it was gone. But, no, it was trapped and laying flat down. I have never seen a motionless hummingbird and was sick. I picked it up and laid it in my hands, it was so flat and weak. I have nothing at the the riverhouse for food, the only thing with sugar was the pink frosting on the cupcakes Rhonda brought. SO, I wiped it off the cupcake and added water and with  my finger I fed the bird. The long beak has a tongue that came out and drank and drank. This is the last picture I could snap before she flew away.

Later today as I was watering my garden, a Hummingbird came through for a quick second….. I hope that was the same one!! It was so beautiful!


9 responses

  1. Awwwwww…what a sweet story! And how sweet (and typical) of you to figure out something to help one of God’s littlest creatures. That’s one more star in your already star studded crown.

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Terri…amazing what a little kindness & sweetness can do!!! The hummingbird is a symbol of peace, love, happiness, timeless joy, and immortality. This beautiful, independent, creative little creature is an important totem in Native American culture: symbol for accomplishing what seems impossible and will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances. Thanks for sharing…

    1. Oh Wow.. I’m speechless… It was such a gift to hold that tiny bird!!

  3. akismet-8233b953fea5884c049cd0da07aa026c | Reply

    The hummingbird is the Joy Bringer. What a blessing for you and all of your hard work at the Riverhouse.

  4. that looks great!! Love the bird!!! Stopping by from Happy hour 🙂 My post is directly after yours 🙂

  5. I Have One In Mine Right Now…. He Keeps Flying Into The Roof I Need Help Getting Him Out I Don’t Want To Hurt Him! 😦 My Mom Said To Live Him Alone And He’ll Find His Way Out

    1. Oh I hope I am not too late to help…. I didn’t realize my little humming bird needed help until he gave out and I could hold him…. I hope it doesn’t come to that…. Good Luck!

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