Drawers before and after

Thank you ALL so much for your input as to the colors…. I am using your ideas…. take a look!!

This is the drawer front minus the handle.

Same drawer with the  pull added. I have to re-use these pewter pulls because the budget is getting tight, so… They aren’t so bad… I did have to clean them and remove a varnish coating… so they look newer! They are pewter and heavy… so??

I have all the drawers finished and the actual kitchen cabinets. But all the doors (30!)  are only primed. We added teh crown molding to the cabinets to give some detail… I think it dresses them up fancy!

I still love the blue idea… and this is what I am going to do…

This is the under the cabinet shelve I made to extend the counter top, but not all the way to where the old cabinets went. I am planning on painting that the blue color just to add a pop of color. See the counter-tops….  yippee! I have enough bar space to have four stools  for the kids to sit and ‘be’ with me in the kitchen while I cook. The floors are going o be the hardwood…. but After I finish the cabinets and wall space. It’s a mess right now…. but you have no idea how far we have come!! We’re thinking of tiling the backsplash with maybe glass subway tiles. Hopefully we can find some with a little blue color.

Here’s the view while I did the touch up  priming to the doors….

Who knew such a tedious and monotonous task could give me such peace. My hand is still throbbing though….LOL

3 responses

  1. We did a cabinet redo once, so I know what a job it is! They look great, and I know you’ll be glad to relax and enjoy:)

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Awesome progress…love the pewter pulls! BTW: at recent parade of homes, metal hardware featured in models
    was less slick/shiny and more decorative/dull/dark!!!

  3. Can you put some lights under the end of the cabinets? A little pen light you could use it as a focal point and also provide some light at night.

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