They’re multiplying!

I would paint one door and then another and another and it seemed like they never stopped, or that I would ever finish… but…..

There are 30 doors….and 12 drawers with 4 fake fronts in front of the sink and stove cooktop. That doesn’t even count the actual cabinet space… I have serious hand cramps!! LOL! These all have been sanded, trimmed out (we added the center molding to the fronts to give some detail) sanded, deglossed and cleaned, primed, sanded, primed again, sanded again and now….

This is where I need some input… Heres a close up of the final “look” on two tester boards. These were extra fronts and I just finished them to see what I might want to do.  This sea-foam blue finish  has a coat of the sea foam paint. I let it dry then sanded off to expose the country white primer. Then I finished with brushing on a tinted glaze.

This version is just primed then glazed over giving it subtle shades of white, cream, and the glaze of taupe-ish.

When I started this I wanted the blue version! I planned my colors around that. My fear now is that it may be too much color…. Also… holy cow is this WORK!

SO I made these two samples today and took the rest of the day off to do my real work (monogramming was backing up and I had bib orders to fill.)

Tell me what you think…. please


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  1. You’re the one who has to live with it…and do the work, but I like the taupe-ish one best. ;o)

  2. akismet-8233b953fea5884c049cd0da07aa026c | Reply

    I love the blue finish, but, WOW, that’s a lot of work, and maybe it’s too much blue for all those surfaces in the room? I think the white/cream/taupe may be the way to go … unless you can work in the blue cabinet fronts in one section of the kitchen? My 2 cents, my dear. Love, SIL

    1. I am painting the wood paneling a “basic khaki” color…. All that dark paneling HAS to go…. Jim’s even coming around to it. Why is it that men don’t want to paint wood???

  3. Are you painting that wood paneling white to lighten up the room? If you are, then I’d personally go with blue cabinets. But if you’re not doing anything with the wood paneling then I’d go with the white cabinets. Hope you’re having fun!!!!

  4. hmmmm, Catherine LOVES the green sea foam and I am torn……….,the whiter one looks so pretty with the floral background……ACTUALLY …..I really like them both- kind of like at the eye doctor—-when they ask is this better or that & I can never decide. ….so, my advice is to go with the white since it seems easier!!! But you are one industrious, multi-talented gal so I feel certain whatever you choose it is going to look amazingly beautiful, just like you!

    1. I know what you mean about the eye doctors… I can’t tell, then I get confused. Thus the reason I am on trial pair number 5 with contacts! LOL The floral background is just a sheet I put them on to photograph.

  5. jenny Bielefeld | Reply

    I say go with the white/taupe one. It is easier…and with that many cabinets to do, go with the easier one. Both look great~but my goodness!! You need to have a life!!! What I would do to be there with you to work on that house…my head is spinning with ideas right now!!! I am getting ready to paint a vintage desk for Sarah that I bought off Craigslist for $50…I’ll have to take before/after photos. xoxo

  6. The blue is pretty but will get old fast. The white is traditional and will stand the test of time. Plus when you decorate for the holidays, the white will work better. We are in the midst of new cabinet face fronts and white paint ourselves. It just looks so clean with white. Will this be yours or will you be selling it? Love the new look…it will be worth all your work!!

  7. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Love the addition of moulding to the door fronts!!! Agree with others that the white & taupe is the way to go. Looking at pics in previous post…how about doing the blue finish on some of the cute pieces of furniture or the dining table top?!?
    When doing repetitive tasks like painting, I get such relief from icy hot patches…never buy name brands…look for XXXL generics & cut to fit; especially for wrists.
    BTW: painting tip from your BIL Peter is to wrap paintbrush with foil…put in freezer during break time!!!

    1. I put my brush in a plastic bag in the refrig….. I was hoping that wasn’t a no-no to do…. Thanks! I think that is what I am going to do… paint a few pieces of furniture that blue-ish, and the cabinets the white-ish finish. Now, to add icy hot patches to my grocery list today!! I also need to update my playlist… I’ve listen to the same music for too long….

  8. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. | Reply

    I think the blue is beautiful, but the white/taupe just might stand the test of time better. No matter how many times you change your accessories, it will always work! It’s a more classic and timeless look!

  9. I love them both, but given the amount of work involved, I’d probably play it safe and go with the white/taupe one. You could do lots of accenting with the blue however with your accessories. Or do you have an island? I’d paint it that beautiful blue if it were me.

    Found you from over at Common Ground,

  10. That’s quite an undertaking. I actually like them both ways. I know that’s no help.

  11. they are both beautiful, and if it was my kitchen, i’d use the white on the top cabinets and blue on the bottom–i like to mix it up:)

  12. Mary Kathryn | Reply

    White! I dont want to have to help you paint the blue, too much work! hahaahahahah

  13. I think it would look pretty to do blue on the bottom cabinets and white on the top. They both look really lovely!

  14. I love both colors, but I think I would go with the white for just about all of the cabinets and use the blue somewhere for an accent. I love that blue color… Would you mind sharing whose paint is it and what color? Love your blog. I know what you are going through… We have been restoring a delapidated lake cottage for the last four years. Its truly a labor of love…. I will be following you now!

    1. I’ll get the paint color off the can tomorrow when I am back out at the riverhouse…Thanks everybody…. kind of gives me encouragement to finish!!

  15. Actually, I can’t figure out how to follow you… What am I missing?

    1. I’ll investigate that also… thanks for letting me know!

  16. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Also saw post on WW #150…doing other linky parties?!?

  17. I always say to myself, “how long will I be able to live with it this color”. The answer should be, “forever”.

    Big Hugs

    1. I better live with this color forever… it’s taking forever to paint!

  18. Sooooo much WORK!*!*! Go with the W*H*I*T*E…
    Can’t wait to SEE the entire Re-Do Look!!! YOU Go Girl…
    Jeanine Burkhardt

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