Old Kitchen re-do

I really don’t want to put a before picture on my blog… but… it’s bad…. well, was bad and still is sort of a mess… but it’s getting there

Let me explain…

My husband and I have been fixing up his Mothers riverhouse. She passed away about a year and a half ago. We’ve been working on this house just about that long.

We both are thrifty, because… well, we have to be. We have been doing the majority of the work ourselves, repurposing and recycling and reusing whatever we can. ie… someone was throwing out three feet of electrical wire and we garabage picked it like it was gold… it now is in the wall and used to wire up the microwave/hood thing.

Now this is a “nice” photo of what it was… Dark, dark, dark… and… did I mention, dark?

Ok.. I didn’t take a lot of photos before… But this is where we are starting and why I haven blogged much this week and probably next week because I am out at the river…painting, painting, painting…. I’m helping to make a new counter-top.  We’ve ripped out (and re-used the  good wood from) 5 removed cabinets.  We’ve opened up the room by first removing the bank of cabinets in the middle of the room hanging from the ceiling. Yes, I know your seeing lot s of 1968 wood paneling and dark ebony cabinets and yes a dark redish floor, but we’re changing all of that with sweat and elbows.

As dark as the cabinets were, they were custom built in 1968 with real wood. Cypress! The boards inside are beautiful, so we are taking apart and reusing the good wood to build the now new to use custom cabinets. More on that later with pictures….

Excuse my absence this weekend while I paint and sand and whatever else… I’ll post our progress, but not too much to bore you.

Now I’m of to mow our yard before then I have to go and paint at the river…


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  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    We’ll miss you. Will understand how busy you’ll be with the riverhouse remodel but post a pic now & then so we can see the results of your sweat & elbows!!!

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