Reticule Class

What  fun day in Surfside Beach SC!!

(OK Paula, Mom…look in the background. The wall is a mirror and you can sort of see me in my scrappy skirt and vintage jacket re-do, OH and the tops of my summer boots! Sorry, I did promise a picture and I forgot to ask someone to take a photo. drat) ANYWAY…

Just about everyone finish their little reticule  and here are some of the highlights…

Gail not only finished her project, but she was the winner of my Birthday giveaway and is wearing the apron!

I love the happy smiles! This is Jen and it was her first time with the guild. Her Grandmother Lynn brought her and she did terrific! Lynn even made me… yes, made me, Homemade dark chocolate and a lovely little pincushion made from a soda pop top!

There were 13 ladies and the space was huge! We just spread out and had a grand time sewing and sharing 

Thank you all for inviting me and for such a nice day!!


3 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Love all the fabric combos…great job ladies! That lil red pincushion is precious!!!

  2. Such a cute little project ! I love that theyre all different. I emailed you back last week, i hope you got it. I remember last year it went to your spam folder when i emailed you about a class. Happy stitching! Leslie

  3. We had a blast!! I just purchased a 1947 Singer Featherweight, and am sewing all the time now 🙂
    Thanks so much, it was wonderful meeting you!

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