This is the start of my Vegetable garden. I have always wanted a large garden, but our house in town is completely in the pines. I have lovely shade gardens and flowers, but I have dreamed of an honest to goodness, eat your own vegetables garden.

I’ve always had herbs in pots and tomato plants in containers and have dragged them around the yard…. but this year is going to be different!

We started in February with a surprise…growing out of the potato bin… look at these shoots. So my youngest and I decided we were going to plant these out at the riverhouse. We started small, four rows in a sunny spot… it’s grown a bit now! LOL

Then we picked up some seeds from the dollar store 4 for a $1. Lettuce, and herbs.  We started these in cardboard egg cartons, and now have added those in rows above the potatoes.

Since then we have started from seeds:

Tomatoes -( four types) Peppers, (green, red and banana) Spaghetti squash (started from the seeds I scooped out before it was baked) Yellow crookneck squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, cucumbers, and Eggplants!

 They all are off to a start and it looks a bit small right now… but I have dreams of a bumper crop! Today I started to create a fence from re-purposed everything… wire fencing is a bit mismatched with two different styles all free and salvaged. The wood boards all re-purposed leftovers from fixing the deck. The mulch is gleaned from under power lines where the power company dumped the wood chips.

So far less than $10.00, but I’m saving my $$ for blueberry bushes. I have four in town, but I was too scared to try and transplant them this fall. I’m going to buy and not propagate to have an already established bush. You need to have more than one bush to have berries… so… it could be a budget breaker. This time I plan on planting in a container so I can move them.

Oh… I also split the pineapple plant and now have two See those two spiky matching plants…  This is what it grew….

Yummy! I bought some strawberries from a local farm on my way home… All I need to do now is bake and angel food cake (a dozen fresh eggs came home from the farm) and I hope that will be all I need for dinner!! LOL


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  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    AHHH…Spring…such a glorious time of the year. Those strawberries look wonderful. Season is over down here but local blueberries are now available. Keep the updates coming!!!

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