Happy Easter!

Wow, what a week. Typically Easter is a busy holiday season for me because of all the monogramming needed on all the new Easter outfits at Little Angels. It’s so cute, happy and bright this time of year, and the monograms are so pretty to me in pastel. This past week was very busy with that and then add in 3 away soccer games and a Science technology fair and then you’ll understand my delay in blogging…

SO on with the good stuff. I was able to end my Holy week in style, volunteering at the Living Farm again this year. It’s spring planting time and all the farm activities were happening. The blacksmith was pounding away on tools and hinges. The Gristmill was turning corn into cornflour and grits. Soapmaking over an open fire, and Cathy was spinning cotton while I was treadling and knitting. The herb garden was weeded and new plants added.

People are always so amazed to see the cotton plant and then the yarn… it’s like they make the connection and you can see it on their faces.

This is the cotton boll Last fall we were at the farm for the cotton harvest. Now for our demonstrations we have all these fabulous cotton bolls. From one… and in the picture you see four. From 1 boll you can get about 8-9 seeds which can make linseed oil or saved to grow the next cotton harvest. From the long fibers once they are carded and spun, will make 144 inches of weaving weight yarn. The plant itself is then plowed into the field to decompose and fertilize the soil. Nothing is wasted.

Cotton grows in all shades of earth tones from browns to greens to orange. Cotton is best dyed once it is spun and will accept all sorts of dye. At the farm it is achieved naturally and from plants,  nut shells and roots over an open fire outside.

My youngest son usually volunteers with me. He loves the freedom of the farm. So…. for our Easter… the ‘bunny’ brought us 8 chicks….My little guy is so happy, and these little chicks just follow him around everywhere today. I’m just get a chuckle out of my teenage daughters response and disgust. Apparently, this could kill her social life!! I’m laughing every time I see her face!

So begins my story with chicks, and chickens and all that will bring!


3 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Welcome back…just knew you were probably busy with lots of fun activities. Thanks for the update & great pics. Love the chicks!

  2. akismet-8233b953fea5884c049cd0da07aa026c | Reply

    Biddies! Your great-grandmother Eula’s heart would sing! Love, SIL

  3. The chick were fun but now they are muth more independent and less fun

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