Scrappy Skirt

Terri's Scrappy skirt

I Like Broom skirts, but… they never look so good on me. They tend to over- power and pack on pounds but I like the idea…. I also am shorter….. so rows of too many fabrics turn me into a mushroom. But again I like the idea.

As I have mentioned here:  I store or organize my scraps either in long 2 1/2″ strips or fabric squares. It makes it so easy to have handy scraps sorted this way….especially when you dream about sewing projects!

I wanted a more fitted scrappy broom stick skirt look.

I started with a foundation… a front and back cut from a piece of linen ( this is the same basic pattern I made my ruffle skirt from…  here: It also happen to be the same fabric for the base foundation. This will never been seen so it didn’t matter that it had a sample embroidery and a stain.

I then dragged out my fabric scrap lengths I started mixing and matching fabrics. I also dragged out my limited stash of trims….

Most important to this project is my pretty White Singer Featherweight sewing machine and a low shank foot called “the shirring” foot.

See the ‘bump’ on the foot…. with a longer stitch length and a straight stitch, that bump shir’s or gathers the fabric. I did this on both ends of the fabric length. This sort of makes a puffing strip, a lengthen of fabric gathered on both ends, slightly. I didn’t want to add bulk, just the look.

I started at the top edge and sewed it down to the foundation. Then I smooth and pinned the fabric and stitched down the bottom edge. I stitched fancy trims on top of the seams and that turned out to be my favorite part!

For the final fabric I used two fabrics at wider widths and sewed them together first. Then I attached my ruffler attachment and set  at a pleat every 12 stitches I   ‘ruffled’ the top edge. Then I just seamed it to the rest of the skirt.  The skirt measures 20″ in length and is the perfect length not to over power me with all these fabrics.I Love this sweater top…. wish I could find it in white… and blue… and pink…. and…


7 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Terri…when do we get to see you modelling these wonderful outfits you create?!?

    1. You sound like my Mom!! I can’t take a photo of me… and that whole standing-in-front of the mirror just never works for me…. Actually, when my Daughter comes to visit she’s bringing her camera and going to take some photos for me and hopefully teach me more about this camera???? I’ll share

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Fair enough!!!

  3. beautiful!! love, love, love it!

  4. I want that skirt. Will you find other scraps and make me one? Love all the different fabrics and colors. You are so talented. Love the girl’s skirts too. I’ll have one of those as well.

  5. Regarding the top-just make one!!!!

  6. Since you’re making one for Ann, can you make one for me too?!?!!! Ha. This would also make a really cute tree skirt for your Christmas tree.

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