Spark Your Creativity

 This poster claims it’s for Photographers… instead of the work “shoot” insert, sew, create, paint, or knit! This is for any artist, regardless of the medium. “Be yourself “#4 is my favorite, when you are true to yourself and listen to what your needs are, then what you create is the best of you.  #6 is like a catch 22, it does inspires and enlighten but also it saps your time! I can not Facebook because I seem to throw away 2 hours before I blink…. so know when to turn off and unplug.

Mistakes are the foundation for masterpieces. Learn from them, grow from them and make your ‘art’ better through them!

Poster made by:


3 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Thanks for sharing, Terri. Its difficult to choose a favorite from this list…#30 is good for starts!!!

  2. I like number 1. Always!!

  3. Dear Sister-in-Love ~ This made me LOL, which always a great way to end the day. I’ve sent it along to all of my artist friends. Oh, wait! That’s everybody I know. Aloha ~ B

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