We have a winner for my Birthday give-away!

Gail!! (I’ll be contacting you via email!!)

In keeping with my Thrifty and re-purposing theme… I made an apron from a size 0 skirt! 
The fabric is a a dreamy silk/linen blend with such a springy cheerful color palette!  I hope you like it Gail!

 This is all I have left-over for scraps.

I’m coveting the zipper….because it’s already going into a new skirt.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you  all for leaving such nice comments and best wishes for the next year of blogging! Thanks for coming by and I hope I inspire you in some way.

I know that I am inspired to be more and do more by all of you! 25 years ago when I/We started out our adult life with a little girl and the dream to say at home and raise her by sewing and saving and being thrifty… who knew what a wonderful way of life I would have.  We raised all four children with me sewing and thrifting to make our home work… and guess what…. it did and does! I felt all alone at times so now,  so I hope somewhere I can inspire or encourage a a kindred spirit of thrift that Yes, you can….


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  1. I just found your blog and I’m so excited to be following you on Bloglovin! I am very interested in seeing how you do what you do, so I’m going to enjoy exploring your blog.

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