Vintage up a Jacket!

My Saturday project:

My Girlfriend, Rhonda gave me a hand-me-down today!!! YEAH!!!

 Do you just hear this jacket screaming “Take off my buttons!!” Other than that the jacket is cute and fits terrifically, but… it’s kinda blah, boring!

Off with the Buttons! Get out the scrap lace box and start from the top down.

 A little collar fix….

One pocket dress-up

Button detail with embroidery underneath the button.

Some detail with lengths of Vintage lace and trim sewn at the bottom and a little bit of back embroidery.

A little bit more embroidery…

Cuff detail….

One more cuff to do and… finished! Well, I thing I want to add a hand embroidered feather stitch up the front and cuff edges … and maybe some other detailing …. what do you think it needs???

Let me know…

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Have a great day!


6 responses

  1. FABULOUS!!!! From okay to ostentacious! I absolutely love this, Terri. Great job.

  2. jenny bielefeld | Reply

    HI! I LOVE your work~ you are so talented. (you must have inherited that from your Mom). I read your post about your sister Peggy. How exciting for her to have won that contest. I heard you have a very talented sister in Colorado…she’s the REAL brain of the bunch, huh? The young blonde ones always have all the fun.

  3. I love it. You are so smart to think of all that.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Terri, amazing transformation from blah to beautiful. BTW: All four Herrick sisters & their MOM are sweet, creative women!!!

  5. Good job mom I love you

  6. Gorgeous. You are so talented.

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