My Sister Peggy!

My Sister Peggy, lives and sews near this terrific new shop in Indianapolis called

 TFS Logo

She has promised me that she is going to take me when I visit this summer. They have terrific assortment of fabrics and trims and it’s a fun shop with Contests and great prizes. Well there was a contest…and… She won!! I didn’t post photos of all the winners because I don’t know the ladies, but you can view all the entries in flicker. You need to go check out these cute dresses and projects! What talented Ladies there are in Indy!!

The entries are here at the shop until the designer picks them up, so you are welcome to stop by to see them in person this week.  You can also view all of the Challenge Entries at

 The French Seam Creativity Challenge Three!

 Our First Place Winner in the Clothing Category:

Peggy Box!

Peggy Box 


The French Seam, Inc.

3909 E. 82nd St.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46240




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