I had a plan….

This was the bag I planned to make Friday evening. Then Saturday morning I was meeting a girlfriend to go to a Quilt Gala. I wanted to carry a new fun bag and this matches my business cards that I made. šŸ™‚ I silk screened my printed image to a piece of linen and then free-motion quilted a modern feather and fan motif. I actually had the silk screen and the quilting all finished and ready to sew for Friday evening…. I had it all planned…. my boys were going camping for the weekend, my daughter to a fancy school dance and friends…. and ME… all by myself… which quite frankly hasn’t happened since my college years (not that I’m complaining…) But I had a plan, sewing, gardening, quilts, girlfriends… then I got sick… Boo…. the only thing I did was stay in bed…. I was so disappointed I couldn’t focus to sew or quilt or…booo… no quilt show, just sleep!

So I made my bag today.. Yeah!The inside lining has what I call the Vera Bradley floating pocket. In Her tote bags the pocket is attached atĀ theĀ top only and not in the quilted lining. IĀ like this because the pocket is closer toĀ theĀ top and easier to use. My humble opinion only on that…… See my label in the side seam… DH is so proud when I do that….The back has a fun print with an added cell phone pocket. I made a bit longer handles to make it more comfortable for me to carry… I am usually the type who straps the bag strap across my body so that I have free hands at all times! I hate fussing with a purse and usually just carry my little keyfob pouch in my pocket, you can see one made up here: http://www.janicefergusonsews.com/blog/2011/11/11/church-bazaar-projects/Ā  scroll down a few pictures…

Anyway, I got Ā better! Yeah! I got to sew on a fun fun project and get my work finished! Double Yeah! Hopefully, someone took lots of pictures and I’ll get to see the quilts, and maybe my friend will invite me back someday when I don’t sound like a man and we can talk Ā about her square foot gardening plan!



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  1. Terri…sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. Think our bodies know better than our minds when we need too take a break!
    Love the tote; especially the fabric & business card image. You’d better keep lots of cards in the pocket when you’re out & about. Take care, Paula.

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