White Fluffy Pillow made with a treadle

My Daughter has wanted a new fun pillow for her bedroom… I saw decorator pillows like this at Pottery barn, Anthropology and Target, but they were kind of pricey at the time.  Today was a dreary raining day and I finished my monogramming work early, so I cut strips and set everything up so that while my Son was doing his homework I could treadle in the same room with him.This is Belle, she is a 1886 Singer IF fiddlehead treadle sewing machine. She’s a beauty, thus the name Belle. She is so quiet and this project was perfect for rows and rows of straight stitching. I haven’t used her in about a year so she needed a dab of oil and she was ready to go!I first pulled out of my stash some knit material. This wasn’t even the good jersey stuff I like, so it’s even better! I cut with my rotary cutter 1″ strips. Then I cut those into 3″  lengths. I made hundreds and hundreds in seconds!

Then I cut a base fabric which I forgot to photograph, 18″x18″. I drew one line down the center. On that line I centered the flat strips and stitched right down the middle. After that row I turned the fabric and I folded all the ends to the one side and about 1/2″ next to the first line I centered more strips and sewed all the way down… keeeeeep sewing… I wish I would have started in a circle pattern in the center of the pillow then I wouldn’t have to have ever stopped or turned around… Maybe next time…

I found a totally cool scrap in my stash for the backing…. The reason why I like to sew on the treadle is because the machine sits flat to the long table space. I like to sew my quilts this  way also.

Boy is this a soft pillow!!!!


2 responses

  1. I bought a treadle last year that needs a bit of work. Makes me want to use it. Lovely project and I can see by peeking into previous posts that I will enjoy following here.

  2. I want to do something similar and make a rug.

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