Quick make Pottery barn inspired pillows

My Dog, Lilly likes to greet me with presents. These presents are usually the first thing she can grab and that is in the front room. The pillows are the first objects.  It’s so cute, however, pillows don’t last long… I need to make them fast and they need to be washable.  The solid green Linen pillow with the one-button style is my favorite. I made these this past fall and have washed them already a bout a half dozen times… they aren’t holding up so well… so in the background… and here…is a new set of pillows that should hold up better to Dog slobber and washings!

These pillows can be made a number of ways, and are very fast. No Buttonholes are required, just loops. You can use any number of buttons, and I happen to have more of these so I used three on this set of pillow-covers.

For these 22″ finished pillows, I used one lengthen of fabric 23″x 52″ (that ran from salvage to slavage.  I made the loops by cutting one strip 1 inch wide by the width of the fabric,( it’s good to have extra in case of a boo-boo.) Fold the two ends into the center, then fold in half and topstitch both edges. On the top edge I cut @4″ off and placed my loops  on the main fabric and basted into place before I re-attached the 4″ and finished off the inside edges.

I then finished off the opposite end by pressing 1.5″ under, then folding again to have a clean finished topstitched edge for the buttons to be. I like to sew my buttons on by machne when I can… So drop your feed dogs, and set your machine for a zig-zag to match the holes on your button and zoom… your finished!

Now with the right side facing up, fold your loop end in first, then over lap and fold the botton end on top. I had about a 3″ over lap.

 you wont see the button or loops, Sew the side seams and finished the edges. Turn inside out, and slip in your pillow form and Voila… 30 minutes to a new look!

Not only are these pillow easy to make, thery are easy to change out and I even make them large to “store” blankets and throws in the off season. 

Another storage idea with pillows is in my kitchen. I made this pillow with the bottom opened . I stash all of my plastic grocery bags inside until I need them…

Looks way better than plastic bag everywhere! Ok Now, go make some pillows!


2 responses

  1. Love the easy button closures! Almost finished handstitching yo-yo’s together for a pillow to match quilt at the cottage…

    1. Paula, try zig-zagging by machine the yo-yos together. Drop your feed teeth and set for a wide-er zig-zag. Take several stitches in the same place, make it enough times so you wont have to knot and if you use matching thread you won’t even notice it! I’d love to see it, your work is so perfect!

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