Farm Chicks Contest

Wow… I made the finals….

Go check out all the Business cards and vote at:

What a fun Blog/ Contest this is! The cards I sent in were not made from my homemade paper…. They weren’t ready yet to send… So these were made from just store bought Cardstock. I think the creativity and cleverness of all the cards is what is so cool. I also thought it was funny that in the middle of a snow storm Serena is wearing summer sandals! Makes me cold looking at that!

Stay warm!


2 responses

  1. Terri…can’t tell you honored I am to be a finalist among all you creative women! Realized I’m the only one without a blog, website, etsy shop. Time to come out of retirement!!!

  2. It was so nice to have you visit my blog, Terri:) I’m not a great blogger, but my blog count has gone up tremendously since The Farm Chiks contest! I love your blog and I also love the fact that you make your cards from pulp! I wish you the best in the contest also…it’s just an honor for me to be included with so many wonderful ladies. Is your “tree house” over your garage also? By the way, my husband’s name is Terry:)

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