More surprise mail!

Isn’t this the BOMB!

My Son sent me this mack-daddy, super-duper industrial seam ripper made by “snap-on” tools.This has a lifetime guarantee, and is never supposed to dull!

What a cool and thoughtful gift!

Now, I have a funny story. Eloise Smith ( the inventor of the Tuck and Point Rulers, Friend and old neighbor) was buying her top of the line Pfaff sewing machine. When the dealer was training her on the machine and all that came with it, he gave her a nice seam ripper. Eloise was offended, after all, she knew how to sew, why would she want one of those!!! When telling the story she’d start laughing and say that She ended up using the seam ripper more than the sewing machine! I sure would love to show her this seam ripper!!

Happy Valentines Day

Thanks B&S XO


2 responses

  1. This is one uptown seam ripper! I’m sure it does a fabulous job, but I bet it won’t get through security at the airport. TSA agents would be fearful that you could unsew their uniform seams before they could plead “DON’T RIP!” Still, it must be a great tool if you keep it in the sewing room.

  2. WOW…what a sweet son you have!

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