Organizing and a surprise!

I started off the day with a goal in mind… Organize my ribbons and trims. This is the Before:Naturally, I had to find a certain trim to finish a project yesterday and finding the trim took longer than actually making the project. Drat!

So out came the sizzix….and some recycled boxes…. Here’s a start, I know it’s a ways to go…. but it should prove to be an improvement!

The best part today was going out to get the recycled boxes, I also got the mail…. and in the mail a surprise! Paula mailed me a hand made card and Valentine! I hardly ever get valentines, because Valentines day is my DH birthday! Valentines day is His day. I told him long time ago that he was off the hook as far as valentines, and that he could choose any other day of the year to tell me he loves me!

I love this card and hand made business card!

Thank you!


3 responses

  1. Terri… YOU & THE MR have a great day! I need to get started on Easter & Mother’s Day cards now.
    Last week I wrapped trims, to sell at flea mkts, on old greeting cards. Tempted to unwind and recut cards with fancy scissors after seeing yours cut on sizzix. If careful guess I could recut tops/bottoms without unwinding!!!Can I use the “tag” idea? Won’t part with my ric-rac yet…but have many small pcs of narrow lace, trims, ribbon.
    As always you are such an inspiration!!!

    1. That’s a great idea… I can never throw away a card I get so few of them anymore! I love this little sizzix, I use it so much! Wait until the craft stores sell it again for $59.00 and get one… you’ll use it over and over again! The only problem I found with winding around the tags was that the trim could slip off, I needed some kind of lip to hold the trim on the card. PS NEVER part with rick-rack! Best stuff in the world!!

  2. I’ve loved seeing your blog. Great thrifty ideas! Oh and what a small world…my husband’s birthday is Valentine’s Day also!!! I too have given it to him as “his” day! It’s nice to get a little something for yourself!

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