Hemming a sweater.

I bought a sweater this past fall. I love the color and I thought I liked the style… It is/was a long cardigan. the ribbing fell below my rear and …. it wasn’t so flattering. I wanted to wear this sweater so I had to hem it or it had to go.

I cut the bottom from the pockets down. I first folded and stitched where I was going to cut so it wouldn’t ravel. Oh… it your sweater has any acrylic fibers in it….DO NOT iron…. if you must “press” place between two towels and use steam quickly. After I stitched close to the edge I cut off the part I didn’t want then I turned it up to the desired hem length I wanted. I made an inch and 1/4 hem. I just hemmed it like I would a T-Shirt with a stretch stitch and ballpoint needle. With the leftover scrap I made a decorative fake belt and attached it to the back.

I don’t mind the button hole at the bottom hem because I really like wearing this sweater now.


2 responses

  1. Fabulous makeover. Is there anything you won’t tackle?

  2. Terri…you are amazing and so “thrfty”! Bet you’ve already figured out how to use what you cut off. BTW: love the color!!!

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