Business cards

I was on a roll, I had all the paper and supplies out while making cards, so I just made these too.

On the computer I created a logo like the stamp I want to have made someday…I printed it out on several different sheets of colored card stock.I cut them into 3.5″ strips and added a decorative stitch to the bottom edge.Last step.. cut them again to make them measure 2″.

Here are my two styles…


6 responses

  1. Nest, neat, neat! I love it. They say you should strive to make your business card memorable. These surely are!

  2. What a fabulous card!! Terri, if you haven’t done so, send one ASAP (must be postmarked by 2/3) for Serena’s contest: The Farm Chicks
    PO Box 1328
    Mead WA 99021
    see her blog for info

    1. Oh I will… What a great Blog! I’ve never been there before and it looks yummy!! Thanks!!

  3. These are perfect for you! Original, creative, crafty and economical ~

  4. TERRI…we both made the finals in Serena’s The Farm Chicks business card contest. Voting ends Monday night. Guess who I voted for?!? Good luck!!! Check it out at

  5. VERY cute and so original!!! Love that about you!!!

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