Zero Waste re-purposing Knit scraps

I had an entire Suitcase full of knit scraps leftover from my T-Shirt workshops this fall. I needed the suitcase for this week so I had to  clean it out.First quick and easy project was to cut a yard of fabric into 4 towel sizes, so approximately any scrap that was about 18×23″ (mine were actually about 20×30″) because I was just using pieces not full yards. I added strip of about 3″ of another knit for decoration.

Then I made a stack of wash cloths and plan on hand stitching two colors together around the edges using a decorative stitch of some sort. These are cut approximately 9” square, a another stack were cut 6″ squares.  I am using up all these scraps up and look at all these colorful new washclothes I’ll have!!

All the tiny scraps I cut a bit smaller and am storing in a bag until I have enough scraps to stuff the insides of  a new quilted dog bed. I needed some stuffing to finish the sample for my class on Saturday so in they went…

But my favorite and the one I can’t get back to photograph is the dog bone I made of strips of random sizes and knotted once.

She was even taking her nap with it..

I was reading the Natalie Chanin Blog this weekend and she has a post on her companies “Zero waste plan.” She also has a wonderful offer on a box of her glorious organic knit scraps… just in case you don’t have a suitcase full of them.

2 responses

  1. Oh, Terri ~ What fun you’re having at Sewing at the Beach this week. Can’t wait to see all that you’ve learned and discovered. LOVE the picture of Lilly with the knit-scrap bone! Thanks for sharing. Love, SIL

  2. Mom!! Lilly is addddorbs! So cute! I miss that one! 🙂 Also, what is a clothes pin hanger? kk love you bye!

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