Preparations for Sewing at the Beach

The count down week before Sewing at the Beach 2012!!

Kits are being finalized and packed. Double checking supplies and directions….  and New Socks have to be made.

What? New Socks?? Why???

Let me explain… Sewing at the beach is ALWAYS the coldest week of our winter!  I seem to always get a cold room to teach in too, so, I’m preparing! These socks fit wonderfully over a first pair of socks. You know what they say about layering up!

Also… Season 2 of Downton Abbey started Sunday… I had to do something with my hands to contain the excitement. I knit the first sock Sunday evening. Look at this yarn and the needles I used! Size 6 needles and worsted variegated yarn, and this much is left over from one skein.  Red hearts Stripes  worsted weight yarn.

Now, back to Downton Abbey… I have waited all fall for this!! If you have no idea what I am talking about go to:

You’ll see the Downton Abbey links, and even watch all of season 1 to get in the loop!  I have to have something ready to knit for next Sunday…Hummm


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