3-D Flower folds die

To make the flowers on the above apron I used my Stampin-Up Flower folds die. (If interested in ordering one… I’m a demonstrator and can hook you up… just leave me a comment)

First have four different fabrics  approximately 14″x6″

lay our on die…

Start to fold the flower petals like so…

lay the next on on top…

Fold the four different sizes in the same manner.

Now stack from the largest to the smallest on top of each other.

Now tack the four layers together.

To finish the whole flower add a button or cover a button, if you can a monogram on the covered fabric button would be cute… Janice, did you finish this?? Send a picture….

Hope this helps to finish your project and to refresh your memory from our class.



3 responses

  1. Great directions! No I did not finish it because I didn’t know what to do with them. But they are on the ASAP to-do list now! FYI, I didn’t get a notification of a new post, as I always have. I thought you were too busy getting ready for SATB to blog. Great post, great photos, great directions, and a very nice choice of fabrics.

  2. This is so cool. I am so glad that I found your site!

  3. Love the pieced ruffle…will try it on ConKerr Cancer pillowcases too!!!

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