Un-finished Projects!

I just want to finish a few things I started this was one of the firsts:I started this Louisa Harding pattern a couple of years ago. My SIL gave me a gift certificate to Halcyon Yarns and I got the silky green wool yarn. I checked out a terrific book from the library and this pattern was in it. Louisa Hardings knitting patterns are classic, but update, and I just loved this one.I learned how to knit with fair-Isle patterns and enjoy knitting this style. This just took longer since I was using size 2 needles and I had to pay attention while knitting the colorwork. Then… well… The sleeves sat for a year waiting to be sewn in. That always seems like the hardest part… finishing.

I also worked on a few sewing projects too:

 A tote bag I started the front for a class sample demonstration. This is the back with a large pocket… and check out the super fun inside lining…

The other side of pockets….

This is a look from down into the tote bag

I really like the couching over yarns….how fun do these look??

I had to finish a apron… and I have a couple more to make for a local museum.

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  1. Here’s the ultimate unfinished project(s). I thought I had spun and dyed enough yarn for a sweater….oops! I have some gorgeous yarn that just needs to be unknitted and reknitted into something. One sweater I knitted for my son involved several spinning and dyeing ventures before the sweater was finished. No such thing as one dye lot for that yarn but it did at least coordinate! The problem with handspun is the gauge changes each time you sit down to spin. Thank goodness handspun patterns go by measurements and not stitch counts! A sweater on size 2’s! I thought I was nuts doing Orenburg lace on 0’s!

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Happy New Year Terri! Thanks for the reminder to get working on UFP’s now that the Christmas decor has been packed away for another year. BTW: love the apron!!!

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