A quilted Christmas

Around our Home we wait until the week of Christmas to decorate. I know that this isn’t the  southern thing to do, this goes against the  normal “decorate at Halloween for the holiday and take it down before all the presents are opened!” So it’s odd, we wait to decorate and we wait a bit to take it all down.

This Sunday we started the  Greening of the Home!The  Crazy patched stockings quilted and hung with care.Weave leftover ribbons to make a base for a colorful stocking, and every little girls dream of being a ballet dancer… didn’t they cc 🙂

 I even crazy patched quilted a tree skirt, and ohhh look the dog ate another tassel (it’s a good thing I make them!)


I also like Quilted Table runners and toppers.

I can’t forget the walls either

And on my front door I stuff  and hang this large Stocking!Now, I want to add a little something-something to the den. This year’s Christmas I want to make a bit more special and festive over the years past, to be honest it’s a new beginning of sorts and I want to make happy memories for my family and I think decorating will help.

Hope to have more photos soon!


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