Couching Yarn

In my last post I mentioned the berries were made by couching over in yarn. This couching method is achieved by free-motion machine work, as simple as dropping the feed-teeth, using a free-motion or darning foot and sewing over a length of  yarn.

On my older Bernina I use a regular darning foot and thread a yarn through the opening like this:

On my Singer featherweight and thus any low shank sewing machine this terrific foot was made: 

I even took the foot off the machine trying to get a clear photo, but these were the best…sorry they are blurry, but you can get the idea. Threading a yarn through an opening or hole in a freemotion foot so that the needle will pierce the yarn and sew it to the face of the fabric.

Machine companies have come out with a new marketing package for these feet. Here is Vikings at a heafty price tag of $55.00. I saw the Bernina foot and they are always more expensive, but just know that there are alternative feet without the cost.

The thread guides are nice and the threader helps, but I have as good a turn out with my bernina and the regular freemotion/darning foot.

This is fast and really cool… give it a try.


2 responses

  1. Could you tell me where you purchased the Singer yarn foot, or the name that it is called so I can search the net for it? Thanks!

    1. I believe it is technically called the couching foot…there is also the braiding foot I have and use both…. they work basically the same way. Good Luck!

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